Even though this blog has only been in operation for a matter of weeks, we’re already getting spammed in the comments. As such I’ve changed the configuration so that people will need to be registered in order to comment. If you’re a member of GLRC or have an interest in Amateur Radio or radio communications then please feel free to contact one of the committee and we will arrange to register you as a user.

Please also note that this is Great Lakes Radio Club … a club for (mostly technical) people who have an interest in radio communications. This is NOT Great Lakes FM. They are the local community broadcasting station.

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A quick update

Hi Members,
Just a quick note to advise that I’ve been doing some work on adding more content to the website.
Unfortunately I’ve been busy with work and short of time. Creating content is fairly time-consuming … but I’m getting there.

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Main Website – Problems!

Just to let everyone know, the main website at is missing all the content. Our hosting company has been migrating users to new servers and in the process seems to have lost everyone’s content. My personal website hosted by the same company has also gone missing.

It’s been like this since last Friday and I’m really hoping they fix things soon!

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Welcome to the Great Lakes Radio Club blog.


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